The ability of an organisation to adapt and evolve is a mark of success in a world where change is happening at a faster and faster pace. Innovation cycles happen in days and weeks, rather than months and years – and for the large organisations we frequently work with – that can seem daunting.

On 14 July, Capgemini launched two innovation capabilities in London that help our clients tackle exactly that challenge. Our new Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) and refreshed Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) offer profound ways for our clients to apply innovation in their context and rapidly solve their complex challenges. We recognise the need for organisations to adapt and evolve at pace, and by leveraging proven methodologies the AIE and ASE are focussed on helping our clients do just that.

The new AIE in London joins a network of exchanges across the world that both expose clients to emerging technologies and help them understand how to apply such innovations within their organisation. In line with the launch of this new capability, the long-standing Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) has undergone a digital refresh that uses bespoke technology to create truly powerful, collaborative problem-solving events.

What is the AIE all about?

Whilst everyone is talking about Innovation, it is the Application and Exchange aspects of our AIE that are really exciting. Capgemini has a network of exchanges across the globe, with a rigorous framework that exposes clients to emerging technologies and helps shape tangible proof of concepts for their organisation. As well as making these innovations into something tangible, the AIE connects clients with an ecosystem of partners and start-ups who are pushing the boundaries.
In short our job in the AIE is to curate innovations from the range of sources to ensure that our clients are exposed to new, thought provoking ideas that are relevant to them, and at the same time offer the ability to test and scale these quickly.  In doing so we ensure our clients can expect quick results that will generate business value.

What’s different in the ASE?

At the ASE we want to stay true to our mantra that everything should be ‘by design, not default’, and therefore each element of our new working environment has been carefully thought through.  We have as a result seamlessly merged new collaborative technologies.  Over 18 months we co-designed bespoke software, hardware and an environment that would profoundly improve our clients’ experience and the quality and speed of their outcomes, whilst maintaining an ease-of-use that encourages creativity. We are proud with what we have achieved. A few highlights of the refreshed ASE are:

  • Bespoke collaborative technology creates standout digital client experiences
  • Blended analogue and digital ways of working so work can seamlessly move between whiteboards and digital
  • Truly collaborative events with participants working on the same content simultaneously in different locations

It was great to see the buzz of clients, analysts and media engaging with the new capabilities. David Rowan, editor of WIRED UK, impressed with examples of how smart companies are being profoundly innovative, whilst the AIE team showcased their ability to build a working Mobile App in 2 hours based on an idea crowdsourced from the audience – making the point that innovation doesn’t have to be remote but with the right process and expertise can be very real, very quickly.