The Business and Technology Solutions Team – Who are We?

Business & Technology Solutions (BTS) provides the wrapper that ensures that solutions are saleable, successful and deliver business value

So what does that mean? Stereotypically within technology projects there is an intense focus on implementing the technology and other aspects may be overlooked. When a business is bringing in a new system and new technology there is a much wider impact than just taking out the old system and putting in the new. You have to account for how the people in the business are going to react to this change, what new business processes will need to be put in place, what the actual benefit of this change will be, how to successfully manage the implementation of the project, how best to use this new technology and how to communicate all of this to the employees in the business.

When projects don’t look at all of these wider implications they may not be as successful, they may not realise the full benefit of the new technology and they may even completely fail.

BTS is there to think about these other aspects, to make sure that the client gets the most out of their new technology, to make sure that the business is ready for the change it is about to go through and to advise on how best to overcome these challenges.

What to expect when you join BTS

When I joined BTS, the first thing that struck me was that this wasn’t just a Business Unit within Capgemini, this was a community of people who are really dedicated to the work that they do and the people that they work with. The first community that you will meet is the Junior Talent community. This consists of all of the graduates within BTS and is such an exciting and vibrant part of BTS.

The Junior Talent (JT) community is made of young individuals who are exceptionally driven, people who are constantly seeking new opportunities and all working to get the most out of their project and outside project experiences. You will be immediately welcomed into this community by the senior managers who lead and look after us, by the committees which are run by members of JT and by all the individuals who you will  meet at socials, events and on projects.

The second community that you are part of within BTS will be your capability unit, for graduates this will be Business and IT Advisory Services (BITAS), Organisational Change Management (OCM) and Project Management Office (PMO). These units are made up of consultants from all levels that have specific skills and capabilities. Each unit has regular calls and meetings to keep united and to keep developing the skills and capabilities of the unit.

Throughout BTS there are also Communities of Practice which seek to develop BTS as a whole within specific areas, such as within Customer Relationship Management or the Utilities sector. These are more deliverables focuses communities which help to keep BTS up-to-date and innovative so that we can provide our clients with the best.

These communities all serve to help you feel supported, to get you involved and to give you opportunities to give back to Capgemini. BTS is a fantastic environment to work in for this reason, you are not only focussing on the work that you deliver in projects but there are opportunities to help to develop your skills in other areas whilst also contributing to these communities.

What to expect on projects in BTS

When it comes to project work it is hard to set up expectations. Each project is different and the roles which you carry out on each project could be different. Expect variety. As each project (and potentially each role) is varied you have to be prepared to plunge into the unknown, to quickly pick up information from the environment around you, to grasp concepts and to start delivering your work to the best of your ability.

In this you should also expect to have a team around you who will support and encourage, but to also respect you to make your own decisions and suggestions.
You will learn so much on each of your assignments, about anything from the technology that is being implemented, to how to conduct successful meetings with the client. Keep an eye on the student blog for more information about ‘a day in the life’ of a graduate within BTS.

To find out more and to apply for a role as an Applications Consultant within BTS, please visit our careers page and meet our people.

By Lucy Pearce – LinkedIn