When did you join Capgemini and what were your primary reasons for joining?

I joined Capgemini on February 15, 2016. I previously held a managerial position in social care for the local council, but after almost 10 years in the sector I no longer felt challenged and began to lose interest in this field. I started to teach myself to code simply as a hobby, then a friend who is already an apprentice at Capgemini suggested I apply for a role, so I did, and here I am!

What made you choose Capgemini over the standard university experience?

I attended university twice and both times dropped out before completing my first year. I discovered that full-time education is not the route for me and a learning environment that incorporated direct real-life vocational work is far more suitable. Capgemini can provide learning at pace that can challenge me combined with that hands-on experience I really needed.

Tell us about your Degree Apprentice Programme

I am completing a B.Sc. in Digital and Technology solutions. I am in the initial, eight-week immersive stage at Aston University. Once completed I will join my business unit and continue to follow a blended delivery model where I will attend virtual webinars and lectures every week, as well as have some time on-campus at the University throughout the year.

What skills have you gained working for Capgemini? Soft/Technical?

I have learnt many invaluable skills since joining Capgemini. During my induction week I completed a tailored, personal development course where I learned about my personality type and the most effective way to learn. I also learned how to work with people with different personality types from myself, which I have found very useful in day-to-day life. My collaboration and team working skills have also been bolstered, due to my induction week. Again, these will be useful once I land in the business on projects. In terms of technical skills and abilities, I have learned the basics of how to programme using Java, and I am far exceeding the technical abilities I believed I would have at this point.

Would you recommend the Capgemini Degree Apprenticeships to others?

Definitely and I personally already have. I have a friend who is currently in the application stage with Capgemini as I honestly could not praise this degree apprenticeship and the opportunities it presents highly enough.

How should Capgemini encourage more girls into a career in IT?

Talks in schools, directly focused on girls, are critical to dispel myths about the technology sector’s attitude to women would be useful and something I know is being tackled. A webpage dedicated to “Myths vs. Facts” about women in technology would be a useful tool and should be promoted.

What advice would you give to parents of girls considering a career or an apprenticeship in technology industry?

They should be as supportive as possible and not allow any preconceived misconceptions of the technology sector to get in the way. They should not restrict the possibilities of their daughters along the lines of stereotypical gender roles. I would also advise them to do their own direct research into the field, and encourage girls to become trailblazers in the sector.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years’ time I will have completed my degree apprenticeship with the aim of being a very competent software engineer and a valued member of the team. I have some app ideas relating to social care and technology that I hope to have been able to implement in my own time. Providing I am in a career where I feel challenged, supported and valued I will be happy. Even though I am at the start of a new career, I already feel that way within this organisation, so I can only hope that in five years’ time that feeling would be magnified!

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