It was an honour to be invited to the Bright Network: Women in Leadership 2016 event hosted by KPMG in St Paul’s on Wednesday 23 March. Our Capgemini representatives’ team was composed of Kam Naik, Nahla Nasser, Portia Light, Hanna John and Stephanie Bishop. Our business units ranged between the Oracle Delivery Unit, Accelerated Solutions Environment, Management Consulting and Graduates, Apprentices and Placements (GAP) recruitment.

250 female first and second year students who were all Bright Network members attended the event, which had all passed an initial CV screening and came from Times Top 20 and Russell Group Universities. The high calibre of education was not all that was in high spirits, as all attendees had shown examples of leadership skills. Capgemini had a stand amongst other companies such as: – KPMG, Accenture, ATOS, Capita and BP to name a few. The purpose of the event was to spread awareness about the company, the graduate schemes on offer alongside the variety of work and of course the corporate culture in comparison to other firms. The agenda of the day stemmed around a ‘Speed Dating’ format, whereby each student was allocated a group with a specific agenda to continually rotate around each stand and to attend Keynote speeches at given time slots.

The atmosphere was buzzing as the bells sounded for girls to swiftly move on, it’s safe to say we all found it challenging to stick to most time slots and often found ourselves in chatty discussions with the girls. Prior to the event we had sent out a small introduction about each of us representatives summarising our roles, our industries, when we joined the company and our hobbies. These were noted by most of the students as we found girls approaching us based on our experience, criteria and shared interests. The discussions mainly focused around the different paths Capgemini has to offer and the application process but one question that was frequently repetitive was ‘How do I make myself stand out?’ All of us had not been asked that before and our answers narrowed down to being you. Each of our honest accounts praised Capgemini for its collaborative approach not only to working but to the corporate culture and we all felt each of our characters’, drive and attitude are what was allowing us to grow within the company.

During the event we were also recording students names, emails and subject areas to those interested in keeping in touch which surprisingly were most girls who came to our stand and we didn’t even need any edible treats! 10 lucky winners from the list will be chosen at random to attend our next Women’s Business Network event, however between all 5 of us we have kept in contact via social media with some of the girls to help them out during their application period and to shed some more light about the many paths Capgemini have to offer, without the speed dating time constraints. The event was an overall success and Capgemini was warmly thanked by Bright Network, having received some fabulous feedback from the day. It would be a pleasure to have such bright, independent women of leadership and the future to come and join our company. We can’t wait to attend the next event for even better company and delicious food!