CAPture STEM is our new Women in STEM initiative, founded by eight women across different business units, namely; Klara Hylova, Jessica Sharma, Tina Gogna, Jenna Donnachie, Simina Camin, Nahla Nasser, Apurva Suresh and Kam Naik. Our objectives are to; foster a stronger in-house STEM community, improve networks and collaboration across the different business areas, build confidence and enhance consultancy skills. We will be offering valuable and relevant content including; interactive workshops, motivational speakers and latest technology trends.

Founders of CAPture Stem initiative Our first event ‘Maximising your potential’ was held on Friday 11March in the Holborn Espresso Zone. The event kicked off with an external speaker, Shaun Cooper, a life coach who provoked our discussion with his themeWhat’s in your way of releasing your potential?’ Shaun’s message was focused around adapting our thought processes in order to maximise the results we seek, by altering our mentalities and presence within the work place, we should be able to gain more control of our career paths and guide ourselves towards our goals. Shaun’s charisma, humour, realism and methodology impacted the majority of our audience as he was met with an array of questions on how to deal with certain situations. Shaun expressed his support and admiration for our CAPture STEM initiative which empowered us to know that our first event’s theme was met warmly and resonated with those in attendance. Some of the most inspiring quotes from Shaun; “Knowing who you are, knowing what you want, where you want to be, building your network, keeping your network alive”, “Teach once, learn twice”, “What’s one thing that will help you realise your potential? Networks”.

Our second external speaker, actress Roxana Lupu, elaborated on ‘Why not you, unleashing your awesomeness’. She hosted an extremely energetic and interactive session with practical exercises, enabling attendees to connect with themselves and ultimately leverage their true capabilities. Three of the main ideas from Roxana;  “Compliments – if we can’t take them in small doses, how will we take them in big doses. Be grateful”, “Success, it’s consciousness, it’s a state of being”  and “The more you believe, the more you take actions, the more you have results. How do you do that? Raise your standards. “

Our final speakers, internal guests, Rachel Head and Jessica Peters from BTS (Business Technology Solutions) who showed immense support for the CAPture STEM initiative. Rachel & Jessica shed some light on their empirical leadership traits i.e. having a good role model, leveraging opportunities, making mistakes, seeking continuous feedback and making decisions under pressure. They also emphasised the importance of staying connected and the powerful aspect of networking.

“You should be proud of bringing together some awesome speakers but also for being at the forefront of the changing tide with the potential for our ripples to lead us and future generations anywhere we want to be. The network you’ve created will allow us to stay connected over the coming months and years”- Rachel Head

Following the event, there were drinks, nibbles and an opportunity for everyone to network. Overall, the event empowered all attendees, inaugurated a space for great energy and enabled an opportunity for networking. Be on the lookout for events in the near future! We warmly welcome the continued support from all of the business units and yourselves!