Whether it be for work or personal life, it’s that time of year when we are all thinking about aims, goals and objectives.

According to Forbes 25% of New Year resolution makers will have already given up on their New Year pledges

Making goals achievable, realistic and not giving up when the going gets tough are simple steps Forbes quote as helping achieve success in the long term.

Reading this article and pondering the notion of ‘New Year New You’ (while the Accelerating Solution Environment (ASE) is experiencing high demand for new year ‘kick off’-type meetings from different parts of our business) made me draw some parallels between new year goal setting and the ASE world, specifically one of the models we use in the planning process…

The Creative Process Model is one of the oldest in our methodology. This is really useful to see both where you are in a creative process now (and therefore what you need to be paying attention to), as well as understanding where and how problems may have emerged. In an ideal world each undertaking should start with an Identity (gaining an understanding of the system you are in and how the conditions have been produced) and flow anticlockwise through a Vision, Intent, Insight etc (see Figure 1). Naturally this is rarely the case and often we start by Engineering and Building, having bypassed the crucial previous steps.

Figure 1: The Creative Process Model | Part of the ASE Methodology adopted from MG Taylor

In the ASE we use these models in the lead up to an event to make sure our sponsor group have considered all elements of a creative design process. 

As fast paced, result driven individuals we are often action orientated and keen to jump straight in. Unlike many New Year’s resolutions that would have already started to waiver by now, we can use the model to ensure all the necessary thinking, knowledge and insight is gathered before engineering failure. 

If you’ve made some New Year plans, how about using the Creative Process Model yourself to test how robust they really are? You never know, an extra 30 minutes thinking now could make the difference between succeeding in your endeavour, giving up in six months or making the same resolution next year.