Today we introduced the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), an integral system that enables organisations to take advantage of our Applied Innovation concept; a process to rapidly and securely gain competitive advantage in today’s fast-pace innovation market landscape, by compressing the cycle time from the discovery to deployment of innovation – you can read the full press release here.

Capgemini’s AIE includes a global network of innovation spaces, known as ‘Exchanges’, where organisations are able to immerse themselves in the understanding, experimentation and application of all aspects of emerging technologies, as well as address the business disruptions confronting them and their industries. It also includes a global curated ecosystem of innovation partners, and a framework of tried and tested tools to help enterprises exploit today’s market disruptions in a structured way. The latest addition to the global AIE network is the new Exchange in San Francisco and another one will open in London later on this year.

I spoke to Lanny Cohen, Global Chief Technology Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee at Capgemini, to find out more: “Companies can no longer innovate in isolation, or be content with development and deployment cycles measured in years, or months. The risks of not acting or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigms are far too great. Given the fast pace of emerging technology introductions, and the way they are removing traditional barriers to market entry, it is the rapid application of innovation which promises sustainable value for the enterprise. By focusing on the discipline of Applied Innovation, we are providing organisations with a path to address one of the most strategic and important dynamics in the market today.”

In July 2015, Capgemini Consulting and Altimeter released a report revealing that leading businesses continue to struggle with innovation. The current R&D model is viewed as ‘broken’ and teams at large, traditional corporations, are ill-equipped to rise to the challenge of digital Darwinism. Capgemini’s new and tested introduction of Applied Innovation, and its global Applied Innovation Exchange, breaks the traditional model; instead taking a multi-party collaborative approach and balancing external and internal thinking to assist organizations in cultivating and applying innovation within their enterprises, and specifically to their most strategic business processes.

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