This month the articles I’ve chosen slot nicely into two categories: some nice examples of data viz styles and techniques which are usually banned and cartoon style visualisations which convey a massive amount of data we might normally never think about. Well, it will be two categories after this lovely visualisation of good wishes for Christmas and the New Year by Cole Nussbaumer and her husband to her data viz readers, which I’ll echo to you all…

Examples of often banned data viz styles

First, a reflection on pie charts by Ann Emery who writes that pie charts can be effective when they are tactfully presented and where there are only a small (i.e. less than four, ideally only two) categories being represented.

She gives alternate chart style suggestions for a range of cases where chart creators might be tempted to use pie charts when they wouldn’t be the most effective method of conveying the story behind the data.

Ben Jones of Data Remixed agrees with Ann about the judicious use of pie charts being appropriate and also tackles other favourite data viz no-nos:

  • Non-zero y axes
  • Artistic data viz

  • Word clouds

Cartoon Communication

A license agreement

The words none of us ever read are here translated into an infographic that clearly depicts what you’re agreeing to when you’re not reading the “MAC OS X El Capitan’s license agreement” and checking the box to say you’ve read the terms & conditions.

If only all license agreements were visually displayed like this one!

What makes up a tune

We all know that there are different styles of music and this is one of the simplest representations of how they differ, what makes up each genre, that I’ve seen.

A weather forecast with a difference

And finally, I loved this when I read it last month … a very broad overview of what the weather will be like over the next few days, weeks, months, seasons, years … millenia.

Happy Christmas all.