During September, our very own Apprentice Abigail Stokes was featured in the Daily Mail, discussing reasons why she chose the Apprentice route over University and went on to discuss her story so far in Capgemini after  one year with us. In that short time, Abi’s gone from never having coded, to coding in seven languages. She writes code, test it, implements it, tests again and if needed, fixes it. 

Here’s what she had to say after the press release!

” It was really lovely to see my article in the Daily Mail newspaper last month, about why I became a Higher Apprentice over going to University. I think it is really important to show current students who are thinking about their next step and future careers, that there are other options to University. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to learn while you earn. I have learned so so much and gained experience in many technical areas, whilst earning a salary! Therefore I was really pleased that potential future apprentices could see the article and think about becoming an apprentice in the industry they love, rather going straight to university. If you have a real passion in I.T then Capgemini sponsors its apprentices to do a degree in this field and so you get the best of both worlds!”

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