RateMyApprenticeship is the Trip Advisor of Apprenticeships and School Leaver Programmes. Any budding apprentice applicants across the industry would find the rankings and reviews most useful. Apprentices from the UK’s major apprentice employers, submit reviews each year and rate their apprenticeship / school leaver programme across aspects such as; starting salary, responsibilities, progression and training and support. The ratings per section is out of 10 and each company featured will have a minimum of 10 entries.
Last year, we topped the IT sector in RateMyApprenticeship’s Top 30 Employers Table and finished 4th place overall. We’re eagerly awaiting this year’s rankings, which has expanded to a Top 60 Employers Table, but know we’re guaranteed a Top 3 IT sector finish. This is key for us in attracting the new wave of apprentice talent as most of our marketing is highly targeted towards those already keen on IT. Therefore, being recognised as a top employer not just overall but for your sector, can really influence whether a student would apply to you instead of/as well as a competitor or more well-known brand name. Given only 2% of under-18 year olds in the UK know of us, rankings can really have an impact. Plus, with careers advisers playing a key party nowadays in educating students of their options, having a good reputation increases our perception amongst this influencer. Over 50% of careers advisers know about us, putting us in the Top 10 most well known apprentice employers amongst careers advisors.
The engagement levels from our profile and our apprentice reviews is very high, the second most viewed company in fact on the site! High engagement leads to increased click through rates and subsequently higher calibre candidates in most cases. Bringing evidence of reading reviews to an application and later down the line an interview, can really impress our hiring managers. It shows their interest levels, their initiative and most of all – that this is clearly their preferred option, in most cases over university.
Our reviews and rankings also offer two more things to us. From an attraction perspective, being able to include recognisable logos alongside a fairly unrecognisable company logo on a brochure/website, gives us credibility. Secondly, when engaging with candidates we meet or speak to at events or online, we can divert them to something tangible and most importantly real.
After all, around 90% of people generally don’t trust an advert, whereas nearly 80% of people trust recommendations from other people. Think about it, would you ever buy a product from eBay with a poor seller rating or Amazon with a poor product rating?