As an avid social media user in my personal life (I write a lifestyle blog which demands it!), I was excited to see how social media was handled at Capgemini. Luckily, a couple of months after joining in 2014, the first #gradathon began! I whipped up my work twitter account and began tweeting about what I was up to on my current client.

After #gradathon ended, I still enjoyed interacting with potential new candidates and letting them know what I was up to in day to day life as a graduate. As working as a graduate in Capgemini is so varied, it is hard to explain a typical day, therefore by tweeting about what I am up to everyday, everyone is able to get a good idea. This led to #FollowJasmin being started! I now tweet every day, just a couple of times about where I am in the country, what I’m up to and what I’m currently working on.

It’s very satisfying when new graduates start at Capgemini and let me know that they found my tweets useful in deciding to join the company. My input tweeting has also led to other exciting opportunities, I now get to blog for the company, and have contributed and written for other external blogs – such as this recent article on being a brand ambassador. I have been recognised as a brand and social ambassador, including a swish photoshoot and a profile on our external Capgemini recruitment website.

I think it’s great that even as a Applications Consultant by profession, I can get involved with other areas such as social media and marketing which I enjoy working with.

It’s now come round to #gradathon round two – and this time it is global! This means even more Capgemini graduates tweeting all about their experiences and perspectives on working day to day. If you are not already an avid twitter fan, then be sure to check out the #FollowJasmin and #Gradathon hashtags on twitter (and instagram!) to get some insight into the lives of Capgemini grads!