In the run-up to International Women’s Day (8 March), last week Capgemini UK’s Women’s Business Network welcomed the Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, as guest speaker. Held in our Holborn offices, the event not only attracted many of Capgemini’s female employees, but also drew good representation from our male population as well as representatives from some of the schools that we work with.
The event was hosted by Capgemini UK Chairman Christine Hodgson, who will chair a new employer-led careers advice company. The new company was announced by Nicky Morgan in the House of Commons in December 2014.
Nicky Morgan MP at Capgemini's Women's Business Network event

Nicky gave the audience a candid summary of her career path, which began when she joined the Conservative Party at 16 to the point when she was elected as an MP in 2010 and on to becoming a Minister just four years later.
Among the many topics raised by the audience during the Q&A session that followed were questions about how her coping mechanism allows her to thrive in a very male environment and how we can encourage more young women to study STEM subjects. She made the point that, while legislation can only take things so far when it comes to introducing flexible working in UK businesses, the onus is on employers to actually make it work.
The Capgemini Women’s Business Network was initially formed by a number of senior women across the various disciplines who were meeting on an informal basis. In time, it was formalised and extended to all Capgemini female employees with the aim to become a hub of inspirational and thought-provoking views, and to retain and recruit good talent.