Earlier today we launched our new cybersecurity global service line – you can read the full press release here.

The offer brings together the Group’s established capabilities in cybersecurity including 2,500 Capgemini professionals with proven cybersecurity skills – consultants, auditors, architects, R&D specialists and ethical hackers – its network of five Security Operations Centres (SOCs) across the world and a broad ecosystem of technology partners. With plans for high double digit growth over the next twelve months…

To support the launch we also published a recent study of vendors providing IoT technology conducted by Capgemini Consulting. The research highlighted that organisations need to be better prepared to address IoT security and privacy threats, with only 33% believing their IoT products are ‘highly resilient’ against future cybersecurity threats, and 70% agreeing that ‘security concerns influence customer purchasing decisions for IoT devices’.

You can find out in more detail about our full offering at our dedicated hub: www.uk.capgemini.com/cybersecurity

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Designed to allow organisations to utilise SMACT tech in a more efficient way – Capgemini has introduced a consolidated security service called Cybersecurity Global Service Line, integrating its expertise in cyber security.

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Capgemini launches Cybersecurity Global Service Line a new initiative to encompass security across cloud, on premise and the Internet of Things and finds IoT players are worried about the devices security.

I spoke to Mike Turner, Capgemini VP and UK lead for cybersecurity about today’s news. He said:
Cybersecurity is a fundamental enabler of digital transformation and now with more devices and near ubiquitous connectivity via the Internet of Things, protecting company IP, customer’s data and operational infrastructures is more urgent than ever before. Securing multiple points of vulnerability, whether that’s a company laptop, a valve in an industrial plant or a smart TV in an individual’s home, is a major challenge for organisations and requires a wide-ranging response. Without question, cybersecurity has to be front of mind for the whole digital transformation journey, from product design and application security testing, ID and access management and ongoing defence. This new initiative will help organisations digitaly transform their business securely and confidently.
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