Not start a publishing business. Capgemini’s heritage is in technology rather than journalism and almost all of the 140,000 have day jobs outside of content.  But, knowingly or not, many of them create or contribute to content through the ideas they share with clients and each other, the projects they’re part of, and their unique points of view on the intersection of business and technology.

Our challenge is harnessing these contributions. In effect, our 140,000 content contributors require an editor. It’s why we’re hiring a Head of Content.

What do we need from a Head of Content?

  • A laser focus on target audiences and what matters to them
  • An ability to direct and influence many streams of content
  • An understanding of consumption habits, channels and syndication
  • An ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders
  • A conviction in their ability to decide what makes for good content
  • A desire to be a catalyst for change in a 140,000 strong organisation

The nature of our business means our people are specialists – experts in retail, banking, energy and automotive; and they are experts in the business processes and technologies that help organisations in these sectors to stand out. It’s why our clients work with us. Our goal is to curate the knowledge of these specialists in a creative way, reporting from the cutting edge of digital transformation, telling our clients’ stories as well as we tell our own.

We have truly talented people working on transformative projects for clients. They know their industries and the challenges and opportunities that their clients face in a world that is being reshaped by mobility, cloud, social and data.

Interested? There’s more in the job description.