One day you’re in Telford, the next… You’re working and living 180 miles away!
My experience of Capgemini has been far from ‘traditional’, my first project being in ASPIRE not CSD (Custom Software Development). I worked in Implementation Management, overseeing the implementation of software releases for HMRC.
Being so far away from home- away from friends and family, whilst working on your first ever project can be hard. But the support network in place means there is always someone to help, listen and guide you, those individuals being your manager, reviewer or even colleagues.
I am now back working in CSD, in Business Development- A new and completely different role, where I am helping to market and raise awareness of the CSD offers to their clients.
In addition to the graduate scheme we have various training courses we must attend… ‘DoveNest’ at Lake Windermere, is just one. We had to complete a series of team building exercises over 3 days, including raft building, which we then took out onto the Lake.
Being part of a graduate society helps to meet new people and share your experiences. We have gone to various bars and restaurants in London, which is always a good way to start your weekend!smiley