How many times have you looked at the Rich List and never heard of some of those on the names before? Take this 2014 List of the Top 30 Richest Young Entrepreneurs

So most are less recognisable names right? Ok, so we know Mark Zuckerberg but the rest to most people, are not familiar names or faces. They’v made their fortunes not through acting, modelling or sport – but products/services – in this case web/internet/online based. They’ve created these ideas, engaged with people, filled a gap in the market, solved a problem etc…

A few weeks ago, I was at the Apps For Good Awards 2014 at Barbican Centre in London along with a few of our apprentices, schools programme team and also VPs. Maggie Buggie was asked to judge at the event, alongside fellow senior figures from Facebook, Samsung, SAP, Barclaycard, Thomson Reuters and many more. AppsForGood is an initiative where school kids are given a very simple brief – design an app that would solve a problem, change the world we live in or innovate on what’s currently available in the market.

At this point, you might want to think – what would YOUR idea be?

What really struck me at this event was the students commercial and technical skills. A combination which we look for in our junior talent programmes. As a recruiter in the apprentice and graduate space, it was nice for once for me to be the one listening to others about what they had to offer….and what a pleasure it was! There was an alarm clock puzzle (Snooze You Lose Maze) ensuring people didn’t sleep in. Also, something for households to keep track of weekly chores called Chore Attack. Additional issues covered included saving money/wasting less at deli’s, analysing crime data and a cloud storage aggregator.

My personal favourite on the night was ShoreCast – an app for solving an issue for surfers who have problems with being in a reactive sport, relying on weather and short time frames. Their idea encompassed maps, live images, reviews, weather reports. Not only was it a great idea for a niche market (nothing I know about but, I think they’d appreciate it!), but the execution of their ‘pitch’, their video submission and basic prototype, completely amazed me. These lads are 14. Yes 14! When I was 14 – I didn’t even have my first mobile phone (Nokia 3210), never mind build a working prototype app, compatible for Android and iOS. How quickly the world changes hey?

The winners will now get a chance to receive mentorship from industry experts to bring the apps to life, going to market by early next year. So if you’re a parent then don’t be surprised if you download ‘Pocket Money Pig‘ to keep track of how money your children have earned/spent, or ‘Occasion Location‘ when deciding what venue you want for your child’s next birthday party.

They say children are the future don’t they? Hmm…they’re slowly proving that phrase is old school.

Children are the NOW.