An apology to start with – I’m going to be using the word “EXCITED” a lot over the next few months. And “thrilled”, “buzzing”, “delighted” – you get the picture… The reason for all this effervescence is that we in the UK are going to be participating for the first time in the Capgemini Super Techies Show (CSTS). The show asks participants to use their technical wizardry to come up with innovative solutions for real business challenges. In previous years, the show was open solely to entrants from India and North America. This year, for the first time, six countries around the world have had the opportunity to submit a university team of two people to compete in the TV series which will be broadcast around the world on YouTube (fame and fortune awaits!).  

We’re thrilled to be involved, because we feel like it gives us the opportunity to show off some of the amazing things we do at Capgemini, and the importance of the incredible people who do those amazing things. The CSTS involves teams from around the world, so we’ll have some “friendly” competition going with our lovely colleagues in the Netherlands, North America, France, India and Sweden. The university entrants from all these countries will be competing with teams of Indian professionals to see who can come up with the best solutions to the client challenges placed before them. 

I love the fact that we are asking for participation from university teams from around the world to compete in this competition. To me it shows just how highly we value the input of all our university talent in Capgemini. We know that our graduates have great insight, and a completely fresh approach to solving these kinds of problems; which is why we were so keen for the UK to submit a team of Super Techies to the competition, and why our organisation is so focussed on growing our population of fantastically innovative Super Techies straight out of university (and why I think I have one of the best jobs in the company, recruiting this talent!).

This is an amazing opportunity for university students to apply the theory they have learned during their studies to real business situations. The team which represents the UK in the global competition will have access to expert mentors to enhance their skills, will enjoy an all expenses paid trip to India for the run up to the semi-finals, and then if successful, will take another all expenses paid trip to France for the final, and a chance to compete for the title of Global Super Techies, and a cash prize of $25,000 (yes you heard me right!).

Having worked in Graduate Recruitment for a number of years, I never cease to be amazed by the fantastic talent we have in the UK at our universities, and its brilliant to have the opportunity to showcase that talent on a global platform. If I was a professional entrant to the show, I would be very nervous about the prospect of having to compete against such motivated and innovative university teams! We’re really looking forward to seeing the calibre of entrants as we go through this process, and to cheering on our UK Super Techies in the televised competition.

So if you’re not already excited (/ thrilled/ delighted), have a look at the highlights from the last season of the CSTS – you’ll be buzzing afterwards!

So what are you waiting for? Visit our UK Capgemini Super Techies page to get involved.

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