Training in all aspects is necessary for a variety of people, for those who are starting off in a particular career path, those who are still developing and finding their strengths and even those who are quiet experienced but need some acquisition of knowledge, skills or competencies. Another beneficial factor of training apart from being valuable for the employee is that it can be tailored to their needs. People work and learn in different ways, some may use their rights brains to learn using interactive sessions and group activities, whilst other prefer the traditional presentation method, something from my part learnt in training sessions.

As a Capgemini graduate we are all required to attend three particular training courses, which aim to improve our knowledge, skills and help identify our benefits and concerns which we can take forward and develop. If you are reading this article as a graduate who has not yet had the chance to attend any of the following courses, here are a few words of wisdom from myself and a few other graduates who have attended the following courses already.

Principles of effective communication:
“An interactive training course, allowing graduates to think of the simplicity of every day actions and how to refine the processes/ thinking around how we communicate to clients, colleagues in Capgemini. Personally for me it was a great course which has helped me prepare for my meetings and calls in a strategic matter.”
By Kirti Patel

Collaborating with Clients (CWC)
“CWC was an intensive but highly interactive course – We took away a whole range of different methods and tools to help us in our everyday work, and good insight into how to deal with challenging situations. Overall, it was a well run course with a fun element too! “
By Vanisha Gokaldas

All of these courses are aimed to improve the way you work with your clients, other graduates and in general within Capgemini. It applies you in real life situations so that you can understand and gain the ability to deal with difficult situations and construct meetings/calls in an effective manner. In my personal option all these course have had an impact on me, allowing me to address my competencies so that all my decisions going forward are aimed to address these.