Life is all about give and take, this also applies to work and especially at Capgemini. You will continually hear companies shouting about their work / life balance policies and how they want their employees to have a good mix and enjoy time out of work, in reality this is often just boilerplate marketing spiel.

Since joining Capgemini in 2013 I have found that the right work/life balance is engraved in Capgemini’s culture. Of course, like with any job, I have often needed to work long hours into the evenings, weekends and in some extreme cases entire nights. This is especially required in the business development space as we are always gathering momentum towards a submission date; this is where I am currently working.

On the other hand I have also had times where needed to leave early or needed to work remotely for a day or two. At Capgemini every effort is made to accommodate these requests, especially if you have been actively taking part in the above mentioned “give and take”.
If you have been willing to go the extra mile for the project then your managers are more likely to return the favour when you require something.

Working the odd long evening is also not a forced or even mentioned activity, in fact I often find myself more than happy to work the occasional evening or weekend if that is what the project needs.
I believe this happiness to work the extra mile is because of the people I work with. They are all incredibly passionate and friendly people who both care about the project in hand plus care about the team they are working with. This general feeling rapidly motivates and influences your own mentality and you start to want to work longer hours if needed in order to support your team and project.

I still believe it is important that some weekends and some evenings you just turn off your company phone and shove it into a drawer and enjoy the “play” aspect of work and play. Again it is important to recognise that sometimes emails can wait and when you should be contactable. It is a fine line that can easily be tipped either way. All work and no play makes for a dull life and will ultimately affect your work.
Ashley Brown

Graduate Bid Manager, Capgemini UK plc