In 2013 we started a publishing partnership with LinkedIn in North America,, which provides the latest news and insights to help business and IT decision makers stay up to date. Alongside third party content from leading business technology news sites, readers have the ability to connect with relevant Capgemini Experts and have access to related content from Capgemini.

Coinciding with the launch of Content Loop to UK audiences – including exclusive content from, and latest tech news from the Daily Telegraph, as well as Forbes, Fast Company and TheNextWeb among others – Marketing Week has reported on research that “finds that B2B brands fare better with customers when they use emotive rather than rational marketing messages.

Marketing Week spoke to Joshua Graff, director of EMEA marketing solutions at LinkedIn: “A B2B: brand needs to establish a relationship with a potential buyer in the early stages, when there isn’t necessarily intent – just awareness and consideration. When you are establishing a relationship with that individual, you have to be helpful, you can’t sell them a product or service that they do not need. Deliver them content that is going to be an addition to their professional experience.”

Content Loop case study in Marketing Week
One example involves LinkedIn’s partnership with management consultancy and provider of IT services Capgemini. The latter wanted to reach a specific target audience but recognised that it was not necessarily possible to engage by talking about its products and services. It created Content Loop, a website where users can log in with LinkedIn credentials. Based on the user’s profile data, the site presents articles from publications around the world, as well as content created by Capgemini. The website appeals to rational business needs, by providing customers with useful content rather than pushing brand messages, and also personally relevant professional advice intended to trigger the emotional responses uncovered in CEB’s research – confidence and peer approval.

Content Loop:

You can read a more detailed case study from LinkedIn below.