It may pain others to hear me admit it – but I love Simon Cowell. I could well be a super fan! And don’t get me started on Ant and Dec… In my defence if you consume a healthy dose of media it’s pretty hard not to become way overly aware (and even interested) in the lives of various celebrities.

So, in accepting the invite from Apps for Good to see their winning student designed apps I expected to see at least one for the Heat magazine crowd or more likely a plethora music making and football Apps. I have to admit that I’m not counting the now former England cricket coach Andy Flower as a celebrity as I did spot him!

How wrong I was!

In fact, what was on display was the range of concerns or interests that young teenagers have – from making and saving money, to helping the family business and from creative writing to helping others. My memory is a little hazy, but I’d say maybe the tools have changed but the concerns are the same. Of course social media and an App allow you to share your solution with the world in a way that is probably still inconceivable to many parents.

Walk your dog and compete with friends
Dog Log Walk your dog and compete with friends


Much is said about social media, the digital age and education – of course the rate of change is such that it’s almost impossible for teachers to keep up. Let’s face it even the best technologists devote a good deal of time to staying on top of technology changes. Apps for Good provide schools with a structure approach to teaching technology as a solution to solve problems and improve lives. Along the way the students learn presenting, marketing, finance and other life skills.

Capgemini is supporting Apps for Good, to help 500 young people develop an App that they passionately believe in. Who knows maybe one day we’ll have one of them on our Board?


About the author:
Michelle Perkins, Director Schools Outreach Programme

I work with schools, teachers, providers and students to improve the career advice young people get and widen the choices they believe are open to them particularly in IT