Capgemini and Pivotal announced on 4 Dec a strategic partnership to ‘deliver integrated Big Data and Analytics solutions’. You can read the full press release here – but the main thrust of this announcement was the new partnership’s foundation on one of co-innovation, the first fruits of which will be the ‘Business Data Lake‘. As the video below explains, the Business Data Lake allows organisations to store both structured and unstructured data to be used across the business, applying corporate governance principles only to the elements required and letting business units achieve their all-important KPIs and business objectives.

The announcement was picked up in the media, particularly in TechWeekEurope, EMC’s big venture Pivotal cosies up with Capgemini, where it quotes Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz: The new era of “information centric computing” requires companies to work together. This is why we are working with Capgemini, a market leader in business analytics, around the Business Data Lake. This new offer represents our belief that the future of information insight within enterprises requires a new operating model, as both data volumes increase and real-time intelligent-response becomes a necessity of doing business.” See Paul Maritz talking about the partnership in this video (2m04s)

Other coverage included Data Center Knowledge (‘Pivotal and Capgemini form strategic partnership’), Destination CRM (‘Capgemini and Pivotal Partner on Big Data and Analytics Solutions‘) and ExecutiveBiz (‘EMC, Capgemini Form Big Data Analytics Partnership; Paul Maritz Comments’).

But it was the Register‘s take on the new relationship which saw things in a whole new light. You can read the article here “Pivotal and Capgemini jump into ‘Big Data Lake’“. Apart from misreading our press release – Business Data Lake – the Register did say that “the new bromance is further evidence that Pivotal makes rather a lot of sense to rather a lot of folks.

I asked Steve Jones, Capgemini’s global lead for Master Data Management, about the Register‘s touching take on our partnership with Pivotal:
Steve Jones, global lead, Master Data Managment, CapgeminiIt’s great to see El Reg embrace the ‘bromance’ between Capgemini and Pivotal, it’s a pity they didn’t notice the difference between Business Data Lake and Big Data Lake but I guess in the pursuit of their story they got a bit carried away! Overall though its certainly true to say that the two companies are working very closely together and we’ve had a real meeting of minds: Pivotal with their ‘Consumer Grade Enterprise’ and Capgemini with our ‘Digital Transformation’ focus, we have a shared vision for how companies gain value from information. It is this that enabled us to co-innovate around the Business Data Lake. Much more to come in the future and would it help the Register understand our bromance if we invited them to be BFFs too?

Read more from Steve here.

Interesing also to note Pivotal’s announcement a few days later to invest £100 million in Tech City in London, where it will open its European headquarters – see ComputerWorld UK