I know what you’re thinking.   “Just what the world needs, yet another blog filled with fear,uncertainty and doubt adding to the cybersecurity angst”. It’s a fair point. But we’re aware of the quantity and content of existing blogs in this area and we’re going to try and provide a distinctive voice that offers a unique perspective on security issues and topical news stories. Of course, just by saying this we’re simply repeating what’s been said in many other blogs, so how is this blog going to be any different?   Here’s how:

  • We’re vendor-agnostic; yes we all have our favourite toolsets but we’re not going to be writing puff-pieces for specific vendors
  • We’re genuinely experienced security professionals; we work across all industry sectors and we’ve played key roles in many major programmes that broke new ground in their respective areas
  • We’re here to provide pragmatic and practical insight into core security issues; there may be uncertainty and perhaps a little doubt but we’ll be looking to do away with the fear

This blog will offer members of our team the opportunity to put forward their own opinions and insights whilst at the same time it will also act as a platform for us to put forward our collective view on the subjects that we discuss on our fortnightly “The Way We See It” teleconferences.  You may not agree with everything that we say or believe (individually or collectively); we would be delighted if you would care to tell us why and make use of the comment functionality.   We want this blog to be an opportunity for engagement and discussion rather than acting as a simple broadcast platform so please do get involved; try it, you might like it.