So a month into the Capgemini graduate scheme and we are truly inducted into the Consultant Development Community (CDC)! Having arrived a mixture of eager and apprehensive into the Holborn lobby on the first day, all 10 of us were quickly whisked into a whirlwind fortnight of induction learning. With the help of two incredible fellow CDCers, we embarked on two weeks of intensive sessions on everything you need to know about life as a consultant. Ranging from CC strategy and operations to insights from senior leaders in the company, plus handy tips on how to manage meetings effectively, prioritise workloads and even how to book your travel and accommodation for client work. Our induction had it all! We heard about Digital Transformation, the Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE), how to make flawless brown papers, be truly digital consultants (with a whole new tool kit of apps) and even did some serious self-reflection when mapping our Myers Briggs personality profiles.
    Whilst the days were packed with concentration and frantic note scribbling, the evenings were a great chance to meet fellow members of the CDC with a variety of socials including ping pong tournaments, comedy club trips and (my personal favourite) an eclectic theatre night of trapeze artists, fire blowing and circus stunts. It was a wonderful welcome to the company, and a great way to meet people with many a new face coming to speak to us every day…and plenty of opportunities to ask lots of questions.
    One of the highlights was the team challenge over the last two days where we worked on a client proposal and had the opportunity to present to senior leaders within the business. This was a great chance to put everything we had been learning into practice and hear the opinions of experts on what we produced. To top it off it was followed by a celebratory CDC social that evening, involving taking an inflatable dinosaur by tube to the natural history museum for a night of fun. Needless to say, by this point I was feeling pretty glad to be at Capgemini!
    24 hours later, we were packing our suitcases and hopping onto the Eurostar for a week in Paris as we headed off to Capgemini’s beautiful chateau Les Fontaines for Consulting Skills Week – a five day course on the core tools for new consultants. This was a jam-packed learning event filled with interactive facilitated sessions where we applied core skills and played the part of real consultants delivering to clients. It was fantastic being on the course with fellow European new starters as we had the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands and it was great to feel part of an organisation with such a global presence. Over the week we became experts in transformation mapping, business cases and project RACIs – all very vital tools when you are back on client site. The week was full of challenges and learning, especially when the facilitators became flamboyant actors taking a place in client meetings.
    Soon it was back to Blighty and off to first real project! I set off on a crisp Autumnal Monday morning on the train up north to join one of our biggest utilities client on an exciting new project. Here I am currently working as part of a team of fantastic consultants from both the New York and London offices, all with bags of energy, enthusiasm and dedication. I’m certainly having plenty of opportunities to use all the skills I’ve learned in my first few weeks and am learning plenty more by the day being around such a talented and helpful team. So just over a month in the CDC and it’s been an absolutely amazing journey so far….I’m looking forward to the next 23!

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