From campus party to career

With a big interest in technology I volunteered to attend the Campus party at the 02 arena even though I’m not in a technical role. It was a very good experience to enter the visual world of technology. There were a lot of organisations exhibiting, all trying to lure the campus geeks in to view their new techno invention or to speak with them about opportunities in their businesses. I was part of the Ochre House stand. Ochre House is an emerging recruitment firm that deals with technical roles. They had a graphic recorder on site that drew a cartoon representation of what people who visited the stand had to say. I know that Capgemini holds ASE meetings and have graphic recorders present but I had not really grasped the idea before.

Visualising insights

It was incredibly eye opening to see all the collated ideas, thoughts and opinions drawn on a white board. It provided a glimpse of how different audiences perceive the ever evolving technology world.  One main observation that was evident to me was that those looking for tech roles found it impossible to find one due to the dynamics of demand and supply. The supply of candidates, according to them, far outweighs the demand of positions available in the job market. I’m not quite sure how true that statement is, but it did bring to light the importance of advertising in the right places. Capgemini has popped up a few times on my Facebook and LinkedIn timeline so from my point of view, I say we’re doing ok! 
Another observation that I made was the fact that the IT world is still largely dominated by males. About 75% of the people that I encountered during my few hours were in fact all men. The few women who were present did suggest that there was a steady interest growing amongst women in the IT world. I do hope to visit another campus party in the future. I would definitely recommend this as an event. It’s interesting, educational and very hands on. I attended the event with little expectation but I thoroughly enjoyed the setting, the atmosphere, the new technical toys to play with and the spirit of innovation that was widely embraced and shared. 


Authored by Emmanuela Ohene Frimpong