I don’t know if you have, but I have been an avid viewer of Stargazing Live ever since I received a rather nifty globe for Christmas which lights up at night to reveal the constellations. There is something about the magnitude of celestial activity that puts everything into perspective. With all the current troubles, such as the economy back in recession, further companies in administration, political squabbling and the post Olympics lull, we could be forgiven for being a Nation down in the dumps. But take a moment to have a quick look up at the night sky and we are reminded of the vastness of the Universe and our problems suddenly don’t seem quite so monumental.

So what does 2013 hold for us astronomically? Well, the two brightest planets visible in the night sky, Jupiter and Venus, will line up in March giving us a beautiful display. There will also be the yearly Perseid meteor storm and Comet Ison is visiting us for the first time in Autumn and potentially promises to be brighter than the moon – a truly spectacular event.

This got me thinking – what are the big events for HR this year, the ‘big bang’ that will take up all the media ‘space’? Here are my predictions for the ‘stars’ (and implosions) of 2013:

Digital HR: This will be a wonderful time for you. Fame and fortune will come your way. Look out for the alignment of Mars and the Andromeda Nebula to remind you to seek out new opportunities. You possibly have a big opportunity on the horizon. Grab it. Look out for Bring your own device (BYOD) policies, embedded analytics in HRM software and internal social networks all making a beeline for the headlines. Be warned over new fads, but take the time to explore what is out there and bring it into your life – make greater use of your new toys, the Cloud for example. You could really make a difference to others. This is the time for out with the old and in with the new – replace that tired old HRM system and make use of pure Software As a Service.

HR Strategy: You may be trying to bring closure to a number of projects. Whilst one avenue closes another opens. Be creative and express yourself with confidence. You may have targets to meet and feel constrained at times, remember to stay healthy and put a plan in place to manage your goals. The Moon in Libra along with Pluto encourages you to stay on top of your financial situation – make use of HR dashboards, business-related KPIs and (predictive) analytics to gain credibility at the board table. The letters W and P will be important – this could be the rise of workforce planning from access to richer HR data, greater understanding of the impact of corporate strategy on HR, and better ability to plan for various business scenarios

HR Shared Services: Troubling times ahead. With many companies struggling, you may find yourself having to consider further reductions yourself. Business process outsourcing may play a big part in your life as will the number 7. Romance may be on the cards – you will meet an exotic partner, possibly with a South Asian or Chinese background and this may lead to an exciting joint venture. You may feel that you are being watched over, this is probably due to new Service Organisation Control Reports (SOC1), requiring you to provide critical proof to providers; make sure you complete your in-depth audit of its internal control processes relating to outsourced services on time.

HR Centre of Excellence: There seems to be a lot of rearranging going on. Socially you are in a good position and you are needed now more than ever in the circles in which you move. Allow your intuition to guide you as you may have important decisions to make. For instance, there is an increasing need for specialist value adding HR services as highlighted recently by Dave Ulrich which you should seek to capitalise on to raise your profile and demonstrate your worth. Consider how to align your chakra energies in order to be best placed in delivering value adding service to your organisation.

Talent Management: There is a lot of activity in your travel and adventure zone; look out for bargains in the marketplace, such as new Social Media Performance Management Software – surely one of the big trends of 2013. You may however have had some recent disappointments, perhaps you could use this opportunity to weed out negative aspects. With a careful and considered approach you can do really well. Look to new generations for success – consider tapping into the predicted 14% rise in companies utilising apprenticeships in order to meet your succession planning objectives and pressure to reduce your wage bill.

Only time will tell whether this year will be a supernova or a black hole for HR. Predominantly, the year ahead will be about how HR can take advantage of the various opportunities available in order to demonstrate value to the business by delivering the strategic agenda. The abiding sentiment is that HR should continue to go where no one has gone before, with engines at full speed in order to live long and prosper.