Remember, remember the 5th of November. You do remember it don’t you? Well probably not for much longer if things continue the way they are going. Sooner or later the American commercial juggernaut of Halloween will have blown poor ol’ Guy Fawkes into the annals of history for good. Data from retail analysts Planet Retail shows the relentless rise of Halloween, while the Office of National Statistics shows sales of fireworks performing like er… a damp squib!

So is Guy about to vanish in a puff of smoke? Halloween has become the commercial giant – with everything from fancy dress outfits to Fright Nights … and most lucrative of all, horror films like Halloween H20 and Paranormal Activity. The final nail in Guy Fawkes’ coffin seems to be Trick-or-Treat. For most kids, the chance to ‘earn’ some extra pocket money is much more appealing than standing round a bonfire with nothing better than a charred baked potato in prospect.

Perhaps what Guy needs is a relaunch with a new Target Operating Model:

  • Let’s start with a bit of revenue generation – “Tenner for the Guy” rather than a miserable penny should have an instant effect on the bottom line.
  • How about some Merger and Acquisition activity? It’s Diwali tonight – surely a joint venture would open up huge international markets and save on overheads.
  • And don’t forget the merchandising opportunities based on Guy Fawkes’  trademark black felt headpiece, and the marketing slogan: “Bonfire Night? Wear a Fawkes Hat!”

Enjoy the festivities!