Christmas number one songs always generate a huge amount of interest. This year the smart money is on Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name” beating Joe McElderry’s “The Climb” to be the Christmas best seller. Whichever one wins, it will be up there in the hall of fame with classics such as Mr Blobby’s eponymous hit and Bob the Builder’s “We Can Fix It”. Cynics among you may have spotted a trend in recent years for ‘manufactured’ acts to feature in the annual battle – from the Spice Girls to the current string of X-Factor winners. And if you can manufacture the act, why not increase your chances by manufacturing the song as well? Let’s start with the title. We’ve analysed the words in the titles of all UK number 1 records since Al Martino topped the first singles chart with “Here in my Heart” in 1952. Putting the most popular words together in random order is surely bound to generate a whole string of hits … FIO33NM.JPG Now all we need are a catchy tune, some more random words for the lyrics … and Simon Cowell’s phone number! What we’ve just looked at is a (very!) simple form of a powerful technique – Text Analytics. Industry surveys suggest that 80% of customer information is held in unstructured text format, with only 20% in easy-to-query databases. Powerful Text Analytics tools from software suppliers such as SPSS can uncover valuable marketing and customer satisfaction insight which would otherwise be lost in a sea of free-format data. We’ve got practical experience of using these tools and can vouch for their value. I suspect they will be around for a lot longer than this year’s Christmas number 1 artiste! Download the file and have a go at figuring it out for yourself…(Macros need to be enabled) FIO – what’s in a name, baby.xls