The world’s oldest man died this month at the age of 113. But how difficult is it to become an official “world record holder”? We’ve all had that moment when someone asks us for an “interesting fact” about ourselves – you would never have to hesitate (or in some cases rack your brains) again! There are of course a number of ways to go about achieving this mighty feat – which one you choose depends on your ultimate goal. Do you want to hold a world record, even if you know it will soon be beaten? Would it be enough for you to be part of a mass participation record breaking attempt? Or is your goal to get into the Guinness Book of Records (only a selection of records makes it into the Book)? Do you want to achieve the kind of record longevity of the likes of Jesse Owen, who held the long jump record for over 25 years? The chance of becoming a world record holder, in the eyes of the people at Guinness World Records (GWR), depends on the level of prestige and longevity you want your record to have. We considered 4 examples of world records (taken from the 2009 Guinness Book of Records) that someone from Capgemini could potentially attempt to break. We gave each a rating of 1-5 (5 being the highest) for both effort (financial and physical) and time (to prepare for and complete attempt): Record Breaking.PNG So according to our ratings system, you are more likely to succeed by attempting the porridge or speed dating challenges. These don’t take into account two things though: the value you as an individual assign to the outcome of the record (prestige, longevity) or the value you assign to your own time or money (i.e. is your time more valuable than your money?) By considering the ratings above and your only personal values, you can decide on you record attempt. There are approximately another 40,000 records to be broken if you’re not tempted by the ones above – so get going! Interesting fact: Did you know that Capgemini is in the Guinness Book of Records? Not for holding a record – but for the co-authoring the 2007 World Wealth Report, which proves that Norway holds the record for being the country with the most dollar millionaires in the world.