FS Insights and Data Innovation Greenhouse

Bringing Financial Services Innovation to Life

Capgemini Financial Services’ Insights and Data Innovation Greenhouse assists clients in moving beyond incremental thinking to look two or three steps ahead. By harnessing disruptive technologies, your institution can bring about innovative and rapid change to the ways you do business.

Client Challenges Today

Financial services institutions are seeking the means to harness new disruptive technologies to drive down operating costs, increase margins, identify new sources of revenue, and reshape strategy related to the delivery of products and services.

Powered by the vast amounts of data now available to them, FS firms have the raw materials they need to drive innovation but innovation can be difficult to harness. Innovation is inherently risky and developing ideas is often a painful process. FS firms routinely struggle to think outside the boundaries of normal day-to-day activities to move beyond incremental change.

Bringing Innovation to Life

The Financial Services’ Insights & Data Innovation Greenhouse provides a collaborative facility in which Capgemini and our clients can plant, nurture, and grow data-centric solutions to real-world business problems.

The greenhouse provides a model to collaboratively create ideas, mobilize expertise to explore potential designs and develop solutions that uniquely reflect the requirements of the client.

This co-innovation approach gives companies a greater degree of certainty of potential outcomes for ideas without needing a full-fledged pilot, and allows ideas to be refined or discarded before significant investment is made. The joint nature of the co-innovation model also means that costs and risks inherent in any innovation process can be shared.

By facilitating the rapid development and evaluation of innovative, data-centric solutions, your organization can improve your time to market, outpacing the competition.

Financial Services Use Case

Leveraging an Innovation Greenhouse for a classic business problem in a Financial Services firm.

With regulatory changes in UK pensions and annuities, companies face the challenge of “defending” their existing customer base or “leveraging this opportunity” to capture new customers.

Capgemini’s co-innovation workshop focuses on:

  1. Determining which customers are at risk of taking substantial portions of their pension out of the company
  2. What actions can be taken to retain customers at risk

After an initial ideation session, Capgemini works with client subject matter experts (SMEs) to determine the behavior exhibited by customers thinking of taking their pensions out of the company. A set of customer profiles is built and then a list of behaviors is defined based on internal as well as external data. Based on historical data each customer can then be placed in a specific behavior profile.

Based on the decision criteria given, our team then builds a small demonstration system to use as a validation tool with the client. Later, once the demonstration system gains support, a Proof of Concept is built.

Proven, business-driven approach and deep expertise

Our business-driven approach, supported by leading edge technologies, provides truly differentiating performance for information excellence. We have more than 2,000 resources focused on insights and data for Financial Services.

Our specialized staff brings a singular focus on financial services including industry best practices from hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries. We have more than 40 years of experience serving over 900 clients in the financial services community. Our 15 centers of excellence are dedicated to financial services and provide deep technical knowledge and practical experience.

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Explore how Capgemini's Financial Services Insights and Data Innovation Greenhouse assists clients in moving beyond incremental thinking to look two or three steps ahead, harnessing disruptive technologies in order to bring about innovative and rapid change to ways of doing business.

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