Turning AI into concrete value: The successful implementers’ toolkit

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A Capgemini study of nearly 1,000 organizations implementing Artificial Intelligence highlights the growth opportunity of AI and counters fears that AI will cause massive job losses in the short term.

What concrete benefits are organizations really seeing from Artificial Intelligence today? Our comprehensive research provides insights direct from the market on the real-life benefits, the best use cases, and where to invest – a successful AI implementers’ toolkit.

Benefiting from AI investment – now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot and trending topic and the perception is that many organizations are looking at AI as a technology with immense potential – but in the future.  Capgemini wanted to find out more.

We analyzed more than 50 AI use cases regarding their adoption, complexity and benefits. We also surveyed senior executives from nearly 1,000 organizations around the world that are already implementing AI. We also spoke to academics, as well as AI-focused executives at global companies, start-ups and vendors, to gather a range of perspectives on AI investment.

The result?  Our research shows that AI is already starting to transform how organizations do business, manage their customer relationships and stimulate the ideas and creativity that fuel ground-breaking innovation.

Moreover, the majority of those surveyed indicate that their company has created new jobs as a result of AI technology, providing another perspective on the perception that AI will cause job losses in the short term.

Taking these findings in account, together with the work we are doing in this space with customer, we have put together a pragmatic set of recommendations to help organizations shape their AI investment decisions. This includes a roadmap to help organizations focus on areas where AI can create the most significant impact, guided by a clear strategy and leadership for AI implementation, mature governance, and the requisite skills and data.


Download our report How to turn Artificial Intelligence into concrete value or contact Ron Tolido for more information.


Report: Turning AI into...

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Turning AI into concrete...

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