TechnoVision: Adapting to Emerging Technology Trends

The Telecom, Media and Entertainment (TME) industries are highly technology-dependant and are prone to rapid and disruptive changes due to the evolution of technology. Capgemini’s TechnoVision framework is designed to enable organizations align technology trends with business objectives. The framework identifies twenty-two developing technologies that are mapped to six operational and one technology cluster.

Developments in access technologies and devices are enabling highly personalized and rich multimedia services delivery, allowing TME players to create the “You Experience” for consumers. The changing nature of services is mandating that TME players look outside their organizations for sources of innovation. Telecom players are achieving this by leveraging the “We Collaborate” cluster – many are opening up their network and data assets in a controlled manner to the external development community through Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The new environment also demands a high-level of agility from TME players, and requires organizations to adopt “Process-on-the-fly”, which refers to modular, reusable process and IT solutions that allow companies to respond to change in real-time. TME players are increasingly “Thriving on Data”, as new business models and services are expected to make extensive use of customer data analytics. An increasing number of telecom players now outsource network and IT management to managed service providers who offer “Sector-as-a-Service” solutions that allow telcos to focus on service creation and customer management, and thereby improve operational efficiency.

IP-based next generation telecom networks constitute the “Invisible Infostructure” for the TME industry on which content and applications are delivered to end-users, agnostic of the underlying physical layer technologies. TechnoVision™ also provides the tools for telecom players to map these technology developments to the key business drivers for the industry – the need to generate new revenue streams, optimize cost structures, recreate barriers to entry and prepare for the new wave of convergence.