Why is Mobility More than Making Enterprise Applications Available?

2011 was a remarkable year in terms of the sheer numbers of wireless connected hand-held devices shipped. A whopping 67 million tablets were sold in 2011, which is an astounding 260% increase over 2010 sales. The fourth quarter of 2011 alone witnessed sales of 27 million tablets, out of which iPads accounted for 58%, while all Android versions put together constituted 39% of the sales, as per data from Strategicanalytics.com. There are 97.9 million smartphones in use in the US with 47.3% being Android-based, 29.6% Apple-based, followed by Blackberry at 16% and Microsoft at 4.7% as per statistics compiled by ComScore for the fourth quarter of 2011. Smartphone sales, in fact, exceeded PC sales for the first time in 2011, according to Canalys.