Manage IT to successfully secure your deals

Mergers & Acquisitions were for a long time the sole prerogativeof strategists and financial analysts
Companies realized that up to 40% of synergy savings areenabled by IT
Therefore, involving IT right from the Due Diligence step is keyto ensuring that the deal will deliver the expected benefits
Companies that plan acquisitions should make special investments upfront to build an IT platform agile and robust
enough to support future M&A operations
Best-in-class companies successfully integrate acquisitions in a 6 to 12 month timeframe (as opposed to cases where both IT systems remain unchanged for several years which slows
down the delivery of synergies)
Be respectful with the resources from the acquired company: behave as if it is a “wedding rather than just an acquisition”. Securing the best of the best in term of IT managers and experts is clearly part of the value creation of the deal.