European Data Portal: En 2017 l’ouverture des données arrive à maturité en Europe

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Notre dernière étude européenne montre que les pays de l’UE se hissent au sommet grâce à l’Open Data pour stimuler l’innovation digitale.

The report “Open Data Maturity in Europe 2017: Open Data for a European Data Economy” shows that in 2017 countries have picked up pace in making increasing amounts of data available.

When working with data, whatever the domain, we often forget that a lot of the data we use is collected and produced by the Public Sector. Data and Open Data play an increasingly disruptive role, leading to new digital business models, innovation and growth.

Where in 2015 EU countries had only completed 44.2% of their Open Data journey in setting up the right framework conditions for Open Data to be published, this number had increased to 58.7% in 2016 and again increased to 72.5% in 2017. Half of Europe is now considered a trendsetter in the field of Open Data, a two-fold increase compared to 2016. Policies supporting data publishing are more robust with a score of 72%, national data portals increasingly mature with a score of 76%, together with an increased understanding of the impact of Open Data with a score of 54%.

Offering access to increasing amounts of public sector information, real-time data, as well as privately held data of public interest reiterates the need for:

  • A vision to embed Open Data in a broader agenda for the digital transformation of the public sector
  • A solid strategy underpinning the development of the national data portal, as one of the components of the national data infrastructure.

Capgemini Consulting is leading the European Data Portal on behalf of the European Commission.

A series of indicators have been selected to measure Open Data maturity across Europe. These indicators cover the level of development of national policies promoting Open Data, an assessment of the features made available on national data portals as well as the expected impact of Open Data.

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Listen to our experts Wendy Carrara and Heleen Vollers discuss the key findings of the report.

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