Across retail, digitization has affected the way customers shop. They now expect to jump from smartphone to store, and enjoy a seamless brand experience. They also want flexible and convenient fulfillment options that fit around their lifestyles, such as Click and Collect. The key for retailers is to deliver on this customer proposition without an erosion of margins, finding a balance between customer centricity and running a cost-effective distribution and supply chain network. This can be achieved through the adoption of in-store picking in a decentralized fulfillment model, which is the emerging model among many leading retailers in the United States.

Since maintaining high levels of in-store stock accuracy is a prerequisite for effective picking of online orders in-store, we investigate ways in which retailers are improving in-store stock accuracy, including the role that RFID can play. We also explore how improved fulfillment can be achieved by enabling solutions to manage, monitor, and optimize cross-channel order management.