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Patrick Marquet

Expert en Digital Transformation and Innovation

I’m the creator of CBIoTS : a universal and secure IoT solution based on platform and software agent technologies.
– CBIoTS Platform can be easily associated with AI on edge side and/or with a central cognitive systems to provide intelligent control and command through digital twins to any smart-X.
– CBIoTS Software Agents can be installed on devices like nano computers, smartphones, laptops, … and control/command any sensors or actuators connected to them.
– CBIoTS is network agnostic, 4G/3G, Wifi, LoRa, BLE, MQTT, Ethernet, … can be used.
– CBIoTS Solution is highly secure, each agent is authenticated and communication are encrypted.
– CBIoTS Platform can be installed on a cloud, on premise in a data center, even on a single server depending on your use case.

Many of my current works are using the last AI, RPA, Cloud, … technologies. Am I only a technologist ?
Not at all, I would not survived 10 years in such moving lands!
I always balance opportunities with capacities, the enterprise architecture and its agility, individuals and their organisation, rules versus freedom.
I’m fascinated by complexity, trying to understand a little of it, I needed to deeply change my way of thinking, becoming more systemic minded, more aware about links.
Always create to better master complexity, could be my baseline.


Patrick Marquet

Mon expérience

Innovation Leader @ Sogeti

Jan 2009 - Present