Transformation digitale et Innovation

Marta Thongsavarn

Expert en Digital Transformation and Innovation

Marta is a Lean Agile Transformation consultant and coach. Her drive is helping organizations through their transformation and adoption of business agility.

She loves helping them understanding the principles, values and practices and develop the necessary mindset and behaviors in order to take the first step in improving and changing the way they work.

Recent work includes:

  • Developing the implementation plan and managing the transformation backlog
  • Establishing the metrics
  • Fostering SAFe Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • Communicating progress
  • Implementing Lean-Agile focus days with guest speakers
  • Extending Lean-Agile practices to Lean Budgets, Lean Portfolio Management.


She has 20+ years of professional experience helping complex & large enterprises in the fields of IT Service Management, for government organizations ( Ministry of Education, Ministry of ministry of economy and finance, GIP) and private sectors (Entertainment and Video Games industry, Telecom industry).

And another thing…

In her spare time, and as a Long Life Learner, Marta loves reading books in French and English. She enjoys traveling for scuba diving purpose, running and skiing.

Marta Thongsavarn

Mon expérience

Coach - Agile Transformation & Change Management @ Capgemini

Jan 2020 - Present