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Jean-Charles Croiger

Expert en Risks & Compliance

I am a Director at Capgemini Invent France Financial Services market unit, and a member of the Data Risk & Regulatory community in charge of Compliance topics.

I am passionate about transformation projects mixing operational efficiency, human and IT challenges. My main focus areas are Compliance activities and Payment operations where the transformation pace is intense and under regulatory pressure. I accompany banks in making the most of smart automation technologies to streamline Compliance activities and also to adapt Payment operations to the open-banking eco-system.

I have a long experience in structuring and driving complex projects that deliver operational transformation in these domains.

Examples of my recent achievements are –

1) The revamping of the KYC and client lifecycle management process in a Corporate and Investment Bank

2) The business coordination of PS2 and ISO-20022 evolutions for a G-SIB’s payment business line.

What I like at Capgemini is the mix of competencies the group provides to achieve effective transformation mobilizing 1) a true change management culture, 2) a broad and robust technology expertise, 3) innovative smart automation approaches developed by Capgemini Invent.

Jean-Charles Croiger

Mon expérience

Director @ Capgemini Invent

2016 - Present

Principal @ Capgemini

2001 - 2015

Manager @ Gemini Consulting

1997 - 2000