Informatica for Financial Services

Providing technical and functional support for the entire product suite


Informatica Corporation is a leading independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. Thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on Informatica to access, integrate and trust their information assets held in the traditional enterprise, off premise and in the cloud. Visit the Informatica website for more information.

Capgemini & Informatica

Capgemini Financial Services is a Global Partner with Informatica.

Through our global partnership, Capgemini continually works with Informatica to address key challenges within the financial services industry. We develop joint solutions to solve these problems from both the technical and business perspectives.

Our alliance with Informatica allows us direct access to the entire Informatica suite of tools including the Informatica platform, featuring PowerCenter and the Master Data Management product suite.

Capgemini has leveraged our relationship to build reusable solutions that offer a wide variety of functions for financial services firms including:

  • Data quality based on both IDE and IDQ
  • Data masking
  • Data integration based on PowerCenter Batch & Real Time
  • Master Data Management based on MDM Hub

Capgemini professionals are highly trained and experienced in Informatica technology and continuously upgrade their skills through training sessions with the Informatica education team. We have real-world experience implementing the Informatica product suite at many large global banks across the world and offer technical and functional support for the entire Informatica product suite.

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