SAP Global Deployment

Capgemini harmonizes global standardization and country-specific localization to deliver an enterprise-wide SAP implementation that really works in your business

Don’t Settle for Less Than What’s Best for the Whole Company

All the sites in your global business are not the same so why would you want a “one size fits all” approach to the global deployment of SAP?

With Capgemini, you get a global SAP solution that fits all your entire business.

We adapt your SAP solution to fit each of your company’s local sites: their cultures and competitive environments, purposes and functions, and operations (including statutory and legal requirements). Your SAP deployment really will support enterprise strategic objectives, while optimizing productivity and performance everywhere you do business.

You Pick What Works Best for Your Business

Our SAP enterprise business framework is modular: you “pick and choose” the SAP functionality needed at each site ― finally, to achieve a “good fit” solution that leverages all the advantages of industrialized SAP. This means:

  •  80% of your SAP solution is preconfigured, validated, and ready for deployment. Business process flows and overall system functionality are optimized. 
  • 20% of your SAP solution is adapted to fit business-specific needs. More than 2000 reusable specifications and configurations for 52 countries make our SAP framework both robust and scalable.

 Delivering Solutions With Consistent Quality

Our “industrialized” approach brings assured efficiency, aggressive cost control, and proven risk management to your SAP global deployment.

At the same time, we understand where the implementation needs to have high touch personal interaction.

Because we understand SAP, your business, and your industry ― and because our own footprint is global ― we can promise and deliver a solution with consistent quality, everywhere. Also, Capgemini can work with you across a complete solution lifecycle: licensing, implementation, hosting, and system maintenance and management.