READYUpstream accelerates the SAP journey

Built for upstream oil and gas companies, READYUpstream is a platform of premium assets and accelerators that improve performance, drive accelerated deployment, and mitigate risk to your transformation program.

Upstream oil and gas companies require a tool specific for their industry with the benefits of SAP, unique industry functionalities, and speed – at an affordable fixed price. This will enable a company to withstand the pressures of disruption and thrive, despite downturns in the market.

READYUpstream is Capgemini’s accelerator to enable customers to kickstart their SAP Intelligent Enterprise journey. SAP S/4HANA® enables upstream oil and gas companies to modernize operations, providing greater visibility and control of core business processes. It can be deployed to support innovation, acceleration, and enhanced capability maturity and value for companies at any stage of development.

It is the best choice for companies that want to adopt industry-leading practices for standardization, simplification, and scalability of business operations. READYUpstream helps companies embarking on a greenfield SAP journey, as the foundational system to build an extended value chain. It can also be used for companies with existing SAP implementations (brownfield) looking to expand their business-process footprint, or enhance existing processes by focusing on the latest leading industry and SAP practices.

READYUpstream is a ready-made solution that allows upstream oil and gas companies to get a running start with an SAP implementation. Capgemini has a rich history of successful collaboration with SAP and leading companies across the industry, making it the best choice.



READYUpstream for Upstream Oil & Gas

READYUpstream is the only SAP certified all-in-one solution for the upstream Oil & Gas business

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