How to accelerate a healthy recovery in life sciences

The life sciences industry has a unique and critical role at the heart of the COVID-19 crisis. Companies like yours will spearhead and support the drive towards prevention and cure, delivering the drugs and therapies that will save the lives of millions. However, the global COVID-19 crisis is affecting every business in every sector, with increasingly negative impacts for customers, employees, partners, suppliers and operations. To help you combat these unprecedented challenges, we’ve created tailored solutions in five focus areas, and an overarching business recovery COVID-19 transformation plan to help kickstart and accelerate your business.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was sudden and universal. Your response must be equally profound. There has never been a trigger for speed and agility in life sciences as critical and immense as COVID-19. Speed and efficiency are everything. Tomorrow’s winners will, with empathy, see through the crisis to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

We have identified the pain points most impacting our life sciences clients across the value chain:

  • Business impact mitigation and recovery
  • R&D clinical trials
  • Manufacturing and supply
  • HCP engagement
  • Patient engagement

Business impact mitigation and recovery

Amid the COVID crisis, you need to prioritize employee safety across the organization, while ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction. We can help you switch to a ‘recovery’ mode enabled by digital – and agile – ways of working, rolling them out across your organization. We have partnered with Pega/Raytheon to provide a COVID-19 employee tracker to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of an entire workforce. Our team is committed and equipped to help you manage your operations during this time of unprecedented disruption.

We predict the need for speed will force regulators to adopt more risk. Our solutions can help you adopt more risk in arenas where doing so is justified by benefits to patient health. For us, safety will always be the number one priority.

R&D and clinical trials: Stay inflight

Our approach immediately helps you achieve business continuity by managing interruptions to inflight trials. We achieve this by forecasting and planning for trials to restart, post disruption, through our customer design thinking workshops. We also enable you to prepare for the new normal, helping you to find and educate patients to enroll rapidly in trials for Coronavirus vaccines and treatments through our Digicare platform.

We predict that R&D functions will seize the moment to embrace new discovery and delivery models, changing how the world views clinical trials. Your success in the future will be driven by identifying trials that can be run effectively by implementing emerging delivery models based on a time-bound and technology enabled roadmap.

Manufacturing supply chain: Ramp up production

We can help you increase production and distribution capacity. For example, we can advise on how to prioritize distribution of masks and ventilators, while enforcing directives on lockdown and hygiene. As the new normal kicks in, we can make recommendations on transforming your supplier footprint network, or overcoming​ delivery breakdowns and supplier site shutdowns. We achieve this through a de-risk assessment that provides insights into your company’s positioning on the risk spectrum.

We predict that as pharma looks for new ways to shore up its supply chain, we’ll see a renewed focus on agility. Our approach also enables you to build resiliency into your operating model​, review your industrial footprint and reduce lead times. It can also remove costs, achieving sustainable, remote ways of working and enabling performance monitoring through a control tower dashboard​.

HCP engagement

Ongoing treatment is critical, and we can help establish continuity. We can assist in the creation of virtual channels of engagement between field and providers with a redefinition of commercial roles for the field force. We can also help to evaluate marketing initiatives, both new and in-flight, ensuring that non COVID-19 treatments remain in-tune with the evolving situation​.

We predict that the increasing democratization of healthcare to consumers will support the reimagining of business models. Looking to the future, we can help you to define, build and embrace more resilient treatment models; evolve digital sales and marketing channels; host workshops in digital excellence; and establish direct-to-customer sales to achieve omnichannel excellence.

Patient engagement: Deliver the best care

Our approach can help you achieve uninterrupted critical services, like financial assistance programs, clinical support and hub services, to patients and caregivers. We can assist with the creation of a new digital patient journey blueprint, for the agile, real-time evaluation of the patient journey, as it optimizes and rebuilds.

We can also work with you to assess in-house and outsourcing opportunities to offer innovative services enabled by automation and AI. In the process, we aim to maximize business value by designing an optimal and sustainable patient services operating model. As digital surveillance becomes the new normal, remote interactions are becoming critical. We can help you optimize the opportunities of telehealth and telemedicine, as well as remote patient monitoring.

COVID-19: Conquer the business challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every business in every sector. Many businesses in life sciences are experiencing the collapse of tried and tested business models. They’re struggling to engage customers and employees. They’re enduring unstable and unclear supply chains. And they’re often suffering from a lack of corporate governance. Our approach enables your business to recover, restart, and reimagine its speedy recovery and accelerate its journey into the new normal.

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