Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy Transformation solutions

Many companies have made the decision to switch to the cloud. In order for this journey to be successful, the paths to the target and the instructions on how to migrate must be clearly specified for each one. To guarantee this success, it is necessary for organizations to stage and carry out a certain number of organizational and technical transformations.

Capgemini Invents’s Cloud Transformation solution is guiding customers on this path, with a focus on change management and best practices.

Our vision

Cloud is a little over 10 years old now and is clearly at the heart of business concerns for years to come. The question is no longer whether a company will transfer all or part of its resources in the cloud, but how and when to respond to uses cases such as IOT, AI, Big Data, Cloud Native Applications. All of this with strong expectations in terms of availability and horizontal scalability.

For the current year, the Hybrid Cloud is still relevant and will be associated with a strong demand from companies for multi-cloud approaches, in order to get the quintessence of all Cloud models: Public, Private, Hosted, Managed or SaaS.

Capturing the full value of the Cloud requires much more than implementing new applications or disengaging hardware: it is a profound change in the delivery model, including governance, processes, roles and skills.

Our Offer

We help companies build a cloud strategy driven by their business challenges. We analyze and advise on:

  • Information System (IS) strategy, IS maturity, delivery model, architecture and IS security policy
  • Analyzing the maturity of your organization and your applications for a move to the cloud
  • Identifying cloud impacts on your organization
  • Defining a cloud strategy covering both your legacy systems and cloud-native applications
  • Building your cloud roadmap, shared with the trades
  • Implementation Operational Model for the Cloud
  • Robust Business Case, Profit Assessment and Return on Investment.