Webinar: Emerging Behavioral Trends in Retail in the Telecom Industry

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What Retailers can learn from the current crisis and how Telecom operators need to adapt

COVID-19 has changed the way consumers behave and therefore how businesses operate. Retail had already experienced a strong shift towards digital before COVID-19 due to changes in consumer behavior. In this webinar we dive into the interesting behavioral changes in retail – in general and particularly in the telecom business – and share some results of our recent study on consumer behavior.

Find out in this webinar if the COVID crisis was really a catalyst for these changes and what lessons we can derive for retail centric businesses to thrive in the future – and dive into how Telecom operators need to reconsider and adapt their multichannel strategy.


  • Welcome, Context & Introductions – Vito Labate​, Global Sector Marketing Director
  • The Evolving Retail Landscape – Steve Hewett​, Global Lead for Retail Customer Engagement & Loyalty, Capgemini Invent
  • Retail Consumer Research Data Trends – Nancy Manchanda​, Research & Strategy, ​Capgemini Invent​
  • Perspectives from the Telecom Retailer Landscape – Philippe Blanc​, VP Telecom Media Technology, ​Capgemini Invent

Webinar: Emerging Behavioral Trends in Retail in the Telecom Industry

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