Top Trends in Property and Casualty Insurance: 2021

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This study provides an overview of the top trends in the property and casualty insurance sector for 2021 shaped by the evolving risk landscape, changing business dynamics, and evolving customer expectations. The study also highlights the need for revisiting the business and operating models to remain competitive.

The property and casualty insurance landscape is evolving quickly with the changing risk landscape, entry of new players, and changing customer expectations. The ripple effects of COVID-19 on the P&C insurance industry and natural disasters, such as forest fires, have adversely impacted insurance firm books.

In this scenario, to ensure growth and future-readiness, the most strategic insurers strive to be Inventive Insurers – assuming a customer-centric approach, deploying intelligent processes, practicing business resilience and go-to-market agility, and embracing an open ecosystem.

Read our Property & Casualty Insurance Top Trends 2021 report to explore the strategies insurers are adapting to remain competitive amidst the evolving business landscape and how they can explore new ways to enhance their profitability.

Top Trends in Property Casualty...

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