Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook

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Dynamic and snackable, Capgemini Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook explores and analyzes the various business trends expected to shape the insurance ecosystem in 2021 and beyond.

As the financial services industry bids adieu to the black-swan events of 2020, businesses, individuals, and governments speculate about what’s next. We believe the evolutionary transformation and significant changes of recent years will continue – on steroids – in 2021. Market forces – digital consumers’ rising expectations, mounting operational costs, a groundswell of as-a-service technologies, the unpredictable risk landscape, COVID-19-sparked regulations, and rising interest in sustainability – have quashed thoughts of business as usual.

Amid the challenges, however, numerous opportunities and profit streams are unfolding. To remain on the upside of the 2021 success equation, insurance firms must skillfully adapt and reinvent their business models and offerings accordingly.

Gain deeper insights into:

  • Top Trends in Health Insurance 2021
  • Top Trends in Life Insurance 2021
  • Top Trends in Property & Casualty Insurance 2021

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