The State of the Art in Agile Software Development

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Impactful technology advancement with agile software development in the financial services industry

Meeting the world’s evolving customer demands is essential to the success of banking and insurance organizations, with technology being at the forefront of that journey. From global financial and insurance leaders to small- and medium-sized financial consultancies, customers not only expect modernized and real-time interactions and experiences… They demand it.

The State of the Art in Agile Software Development, published by Capgemini technology specialists and other leading technology industry experts, offers a detailed analysis and point of view for the financial services sector.

Over the past two decades, rapid changes have positively impacted the financial industry’s digital initiatives. However, it’s still early in the journey, and digital development and maturity will be a deciding factor in the long-term survival of the world’s financial organizations.

We’ll cover some of the steps, solutions and refreshing new tips needed to tackle today’s most significant challenges facing the financial services industry, including:

  • Integrating your organization by developing and implementing a software development lifecycle
  • The three main pillars required to ensure a digitally mature financial institution
  • What it takes to offer the most advanced experiences that banking customers of today demand
  • Tapping into innovative-fostering cultures to generate advanced, modern ways of working
  • Overcoming obstacles and expectation management with traditional, outdated reporting methods

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