The future of mobility as a service (MaaS)

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Which model of MaaS will win through?

Mobility as a service reportBy refocusing the service on users and offering them an end-to-end journey, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is profoundly changing the way urban transportation systems are viewed. This is a driving force in the transformation of mobility to find alternatives to car ownership, as well as a lever for regional development that is becoming increasingly important in Europe.

Capgemini Invent and Autonomy have combined their expertise to assess MaaS and formulate a vision for it in Europe, offering a perspective on its development.

Capgemini Invent brings to this point of view experience in supporting the design and implementation of MaaS systems. Thanks to its large network of partners, Autonomy provides a detailed analysis of the players, challenges and dynamics in the mobility market.

During the first semester of 2020, several MaaS companies were interviewed to understand the opportunities, the dynamics of development and difficulties faced. This included Moovit, KYYti, MaaS Alliance, Instant System, and Motiontag. Some key players in the mobility ecosystem, such as Ile de France Mobilité and RATP, were also interviewed to strengthen the illustrative Paris region use case.

Future mobility (MAAS)

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