Snowflake & Capgemini, Powering Data & AI at Scale

Technology without compromise

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To lower TCO firms need to re-examine their core data practices.

Is your firm able to show evidence of reducing TCO of your data and AI investments?

Technology is not new as a disruptive force, but it is accelerating change like never before. Emerging technologies continue to evolve, but many businesses are still in the dark as to how and where they might be integrated. Investment in Silicon Valley shows no sign of slowing down, with billions going into the development of experimental and potentially game-changing technologies.

IT departments are facing a tidal wave of new demand and technology enablement at a time when there is a drive to take cost out of the IT organization. There is exponential growth in cloud technology, which is powering technology innovation. The objective is to harness these capabilities to deliver on future demand while reducing the total cost of ownership.

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